… The Lady In Red


(San Fransisco, USA)
… Dreams do come true …

Being surprised by the world, opening new perspectives, defining new values, experiences. These descriptions of time is added to my current level of knowlegde. Being away from my own culture, and melt in into something totally new as my bare eyes met, a slight different what i usually  found through the lenses of my passion, here behind the harbor or Embarcadero, i found many lessons to share with my waiting and willing fellows, back there in my home country.

This lady in red catches my attention, determined the afternoon of modern crowds. Like i was standing hundred years back. And there goes my imagination….



This Hand is your option, a checkpoint of life

This Hand is your option, a checkpoint of life

… don’t just passing through carelessly, here i am as your checkpoint of life.. being generous shouldn’t harm your prosperity… [Kota Bima]

sometimes we had a chance to face a quick decision between care and careless about surrounding. as i walk around in a normal busy life of Bima City, i meet a sitting beggar with a defective hand, he could not spread his palm after a fire accident, … all i can do is capture his figure on the hand and fly my imagination about how we connected to each other as a complex civilization individuals. A simple moment like this means something to me, as well as to my life i guess…

The Collition of Civilization

The Collition of Civilization

… Trough time, faces change within colors and styles. In my flavor, the civilization is running in a circle of time itself, overrun each other, teasing each other, influencing tastes and trends. On EOS Canon i took this simple image to met my imaginary theory of how the performance of civilization is collide in time, in shapes and colors, to me… that draws today’s harmony, a new people bond among contagious air and spaces.. human, somehow found their escape due the lack of chained words of compassion ….

[raf mars | belajarCapture, on EOS Canon, 23/01/2011, LJ Crossroad, Bima City]

The Hidden Spell of Lambitu

... this world might forgot about me, about my bare breathe over this height of Lambitu, i seek through this barbed wire for my blurred future to draw.

… this world might forgot about me, about my bare breathe over this height of Lambitu, i seek through this barbed wire for my blurred future to draw.

… what about life to you? does it met your expectation? your early imagination?

We might have various of answer to those question, as i do.

through this image of a young elementary school girl in Sambori Tribe which is lies in the height of Lambitu Mountain, my imagination as well as my idea somehow triggered, liven up .. i found my blood getting hot as it rushes through my vein, the look of this girls stop me in every meaning. As she stood behind her school’s barbed wired wall,  with the noise of her schoolmate chattered around, with those boys teasing and bothering, her eyes is in peace as she glance into the sky, fly with a bunch of future hopes and wishes..together with her bare breathe, for all hardened wall of life to be broke down by her spell of crying soul. Me, i found myself drowned deep and deeper, somehow melted into her silent spell, i found myself mumbling, in what time ? when is the humanity found its path to bring lights, to share loves into its very own descendents, this ordinary picture is just like a bitter and dry sand in my throat. Let me go little girl, i am just passing through, let me bring your immortal spell and whisper by this image to tell and show the world, it is the youngster who  is important, not what is lies beneath our very soil.

[rafmars | belajarCapture, on EOS Canon, 22/9/2011, Sambori, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara]